About The Firm

The law office of Fleming & Fleming, P.C. is located in historic City of Quincy, Massachusetts.  The firm was originally established in 1971 as Brownell, Delahunt, Fleming & Langlois, P.C..  The firm’s name has changed on two occasions with the judicial nominations of three of the firm’s attorneys, the Honorable Thomas F. Brownell (Presiding Justice, Plymouth District Court, Ret.), the Honorable Robert W. Langlois (First Justice, Norfolk Probate and Family Court, Ret.), and the Honorable Thomas S. Barrett (Justice, Attleboro District Court), as well as the election of William D. Delahunt (Norfolk County District Attorney/ United States Representative, Tenth Congressional District, Ret.).

Since the firm's inception, it has served the community in a wide range of legal fields, including real estate, zoning and licensing, probate & estate planning, business law, and litigation.  The firm's attorneys have a wealth of legal experience and have represented individuals, small business men and women, professional practitioners, developers, and major corporations in all aspects of legal transactions. 

Fleming & Fleming, P.C.

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